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☷ 『この地球』にはフイションです。 ☷

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He stumbles into a run as he tries to catch up with her.

She runs like the wind, a flurry of skirts and laces and strawberries and vanilla and daffodils in June. She pushes the double doors excitedly, grinning like an elven child gifted with his first lyre.

And he could see the brightness in her eyes despite she having her back to him.

She takes slow, purposeful steps, out of her shelter and into the overcast sky, where drops of water traveled from Venus to Mars, then Earth to Saturn, and she tilts her face up, holds her arms out to the sky, embracing and welcoming; smiles before parting her lips in anticipation.

Like ice cream, he recalls her words, tinkling like bells on a faraway hill, umbrella in one hand as he watches her fondly from the sidelines.
This community is Kei's (frostbittenlove) fiction junction. All her decent and passable works are archived here.

... It'd be best not to know where the others are. ^^;

Updates are sporadic; rare and few in between, even. But there are also random media sharing posts if she feels like it.

♪ 私の世界へようこそ~!♫
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